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Jan 21, 2009
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This past Saturday I successfully flew my BSD Thor on a Pro38 5-grain J285 (using motor ejection--I kept it simple!) for my NAR Level 2 certification flight.

The entire day was amazing. Weather was warm with just a slight breeze to keep everyone from overheating on the open sod. I was surprisingly nervous but I really had no reason to be. I flew the Thor on the same field back in December '03 on a Pro38 4-grain I285. The roar of the motor morphed into a whistle from the split fins as it wasted no time getting off the pad on its way up to just under 3000ft (according to RockSim anyway). Recovery came the way of a 36" chute pushed out by motor ejection. That made for a long trip back to terra firma but afforded me (& the rocket) less chance for any mistakes.

I haven't got to see the pictures that a good friend of mine took but someone else at the event posted these pics online:



I wasn't the only one with good fortune on Saturday as there were at least 2 successful Level 1 certs & another Level 2 cert, not to mention plenty of other exciting flights!
Sounds like you had a great day.
Congratulations are indeed in order.
Way to go:D

Did anyone get a video?

thinking abuot L3?:D ;)
Congrats on the L2 attempt....spool rocket for L3?

BIG Congrats on you cet man!!! It's a time you wont likely forget...now get a busy building more big stuff! ;)

Great Job,

Thank you for the kind words everyone :D

I'm fairly certain that someone caught the flight on video...I will see said person this coming Saturday at another launch. Hopefully they can convert it to digital video ;)

I don't see Level 3 in my future anytime soon...but a giant spool? hmmm... I like how ya think edwardw! :D :D

I got the pics of the launch from my friend. Here's the Thor getting off the pad--in a hurry!
Here I am holding up my BSD Thor after putting it all back together in a moment to enjoy my success...and carry it back to the flight line. Look at the smile on my face--it says it all! :D
nice looking Thor BTW, you do look happy, it will be something you won't forget.:)

Congratulations. And man, that "Thor In The Sky" picture is GORGEOUS !!!
You need to have that one blown up to 11x14 and framed.
Congrats, Lance!
It's great to see everything worked out well for you.