Level 2, Level 2, and Level 1 for us last weekend

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May 1, 2002
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Central Iowa
Well our family did ok last weekend at Whitakers with the TRF group.

I certed Level 2 Tripoli, my brother certed Level 2 NAR, and my wife certed Level 1 Tripoli.

Was quite the trip and I hated that i crunched my new Thor on it's flight but i learned a valuable lesson about the ematches i was using..

I won't post all the details here if you're interested go to the launches page on my website to see the stories, pics and videos... All on the whitakers launch page..

Should be my last "cert" post, I doubt i'll ever go to the next level, this is as expensive as I can handle.. LOL
BIG Congratulations on the cert flights! Ah, what a feeling to be able to apply for six months same as cash ! LOL, j/k........