Level 2 Build - Madcow Level-2 via Apogee Components


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Nov 8, 2015
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Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was an awesome day today! We had 60mph winds last night and this morning it was blowing chairs over in our yard. Regardless, my oldest and I drove to Battlepark in hopes we'd find a clear window to launch the Level-2 "RumbleBee". Thankfully that was a very good choice! When we got there it looked like the wind took out the Portapotty as it was on it's side. Was a hold it kind of day! :) Anyway, the winds subsided and I got to launch on a J250 Sparky. I decided hitting 5k in the wind was nuts, so backing it off was the right thing to do and gotta say, sparkies are REALLY cool! Also I've said it before, but one last time: Thanks Teddy. GREAT RECOVERY HARNESS!

After the Level-2, we decided to try to rip the fins off last month's Level-1 bird, the Torret, by shoving an I540 in it an hitting 3489ft and the stratologger said 740fps for velocity. It screamed off the pad. SO COOL!

Finally, we pulled out a rocket I scratch built about 12 years ago for my oldest son, 7 back then, because he asked "Wouldn't it be cool if you could put my GI Joe in a rocket and launch him?" So I designed one and we shot it one time. It was resurected today on a G76 and had a beautiful flight. Joe came out and seemed he never wanted to come down. The rocket landed two pads over from where it left. What a great day. Moreover, I think my son just might be interested now in building a fast rocket and joining me. THAT is the best thing that happened today! :)

Here's the video. Sorry, yes, had the bumblebee transformer in mind so that's the sound. The video has both the ground view and the onboard camera view.

Oh wow. Video was jacked. The correct link is
Jul 25, 2009
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Now that we are back into full launching season, lets have you guys that have completed and are enjoying your rockets put up some pictures to give me some more inspiration.👍