Level 2 at NARAM 59

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Jan 29, 2009
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Greetings! I was planning on going for my Level 2 Certification at NARAM 59 this year. I am building a 4 inch dia. MadCow Patriot for this. It is set up for dual deploy and is nearly complete. I was wondering though if I should fiberglass the fins to reinforce them for flight? They are relatively small, and mount through the wall. Will this be sufficient?
Not sure which motor yet. Going to try to buy a single use motor for the flight. Hopefully in the lower J range. To late for internal fillets. I have already got the rear centering ring in place.
Make sure you have good external fillets and stick a J270W single use in there. If your parachute is sized right then it should land on the body tube and not a fin. My L2 was a fin lander and it did fine without fiberglassing the ply fins.