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Dec 22, 2003
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I have finally taken the plunge into future poverty. I certified Level 1 this weekend.

I flew a LOC Norad on an Aerothch H220 and boy did that 2 lb rocket dissappear into the deep blue sky.

Pic's will be comming soon still being developed( forgot the Digital).
hey, big congratulations! I like the H242 and I like the Norad - always wanted one of those.

... waiting for pix.
That makes us brothers under the skin...
I was there on Sunday an got my L1 on a PML MiniBBX on a Ellis H50.

I'll be doing L2 in October on a PML Sudden Rush CP3K. I'm planning a CTI 5g Pro38.

Congrats, Dude!
Can you say "Magazine"?
Now you can get in line with the rest of us waiting
to get our LEUPs !!!!!
There is something strangely
patriotic about getting finger printed.....Yee Haa!!!!!
Dr Don
Fireone, welcome to THE ROCKETRY FORUM! It's pretty cool that you can start your 1st and 2nd posts with news of your L1 certification flight. Nice choice in rocket by the way. Congratulations! Post some pictures of your flight if possible.
There is something strangely patriotic about getting finger printed.....Yee Haa!!!!!

you are out of your mind. you could power an entire country with the rotational energy created by Jefferson spinning in his grave from this comment.
Congrats and welcome to the forum...Now if you will provide us with your credit card number and checking account we can really tell you where the $$$ should go. :)


a BIG congrats on your certification and welcome to The Rocketry Forum!!! Man, you got the best of both worlds in one shot. Glad you made it; time to give the ole credit card to a vendor of choice...it's kinda like an initiation fee! ;)

Good job,

Hey CLS!!!!
I want to make my position perfectly clear:
I have also submitted my applications for registering my
Kites.....We all know how dangerous those can be in the wrong hands!
And , of course, My American Flyer Train collection is already on file with the local law enforcement agencys....can you imagine
what level of destruction could be inflicted with a 3lb chunk
of plastic and metal powered by 12 volts in the WRONG hands?! And those scary 300 watt transformers! OMG!!!!
Dr Don