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But you forgot the most important TRF rule! Pictures! Must have pictures! :p
Welcome to the land of expensive rockets:roll: When did you get time to fly rockets?
Mr. Bob
Starlight dude
Thanks to all.

.... Pictures! Must have pictures! :p
It was kind of hard to take pictures when do a big test flight. Too busy watching to take pictures. But one:

As for details, it was a customized 3.9" kit with rails buttons, 36" Sunward parachute, 12x12" NOMEX blanket, and some decals.

Flown on a CTI 38mm reload case with a 247H143SS (Smoky Sam). I used as 5 second delay and it flew nice. As it was windy, I could have used a 7 second delay only to keep it from going too far down field. Took almost an hour and a half to retreive the rocket and come back to the launch site.
Welcome to the land of expensive rockets:roll: ...
yes. Expensive.
...When did you get time to fly rockets?...
Very hard. But I needed to do the certification and I did some test flights at the same time.

Worst part was the wet field.

It was a fun day indeed but a lot of walking. Didn't help that we got lost on the way. Next time I will bring the GPS. Unfortunately I broke off a fin on my Level 1 so I was unable to fly mine with Angelo. I'll have to fly again when they are flying. My level 1 is not a kit its a prototype of bigger things to come. I forgot just how much punch an H really packs lol. All I got to fly was A's through D's that day and it was incredibly windy. One rocket that took a B ended up travelling farther downwind then the J rocket after it lol.