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Zak Orion

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Jul 14, 2003
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I finally got my L1 on sunday with a Scratch built rocket named "Money Pit" on a Aerotech I366R. This was my 3rd try at L1, the first time was scrubbed cause of sudden heavy snow, the second try I had a seperation that cost me the top half of the rocket.

Now, I guess I got to go for L2(hopefully in a couple weeks)

BTW, since I know everyone asks for one. Here is a launch pic of the Money Pit

And another pic of it on the rail

and yet another of the money pit at a friends house

These pics were taken either before or at its first(failed) launch. After I replaced the top of the rocket it got a couple inches taller.
Congrats on your L1!!
I like the name of the rocket, great pic too.