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Mar 23, 2011
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Today was the day! I certified TRA level one with my LOC Ultimate called Ultimately Unpainted on an H165 Redline with a short delay. Woo hoo! I returned to fly an H210R airstarting dual F20W's and dual recovery with my RRC2 unfortunately, no F20's but hopefully next time. What an awesome day! I'm tired....
Originally posted by marvSRG
Today was the day! I certified TRA level one with my LOC Ultimate

Congrats!!!!!! Now when you go to O-burg, you can fly the bigger stuff :D :D
awesome man, your so luck! Two more years to the day for me :)
Congratulations! Man, I love redlines - hoping to use one when I finally decide to pony up and get my L1.

Good to hear that the flight went well. I can only assume that pics are on the way??? :D

Yes pics should be coming...Bob Schoner was there and took plenty.
Congrats Marv It was a great flight on a great day. Were there when Bob flew his K680 at dusk and Ralph flew his Jeff Gordon on a J138?
Awesome, man! I wanted to see those go. That K670GG is what I was really DYING to see...oh well. I know they're awesome and I missed out. I mean, I've seen 'em at O-Berg but not up close and personal like at our launch. I was across the field for the most part in SC. I think Ralph said he was putting Flash Gordon up on a J350....if it was a J white lightning then that's probably what it was. It was probably AWESOME, but I did have a "previous engagement" which was a bit more important:D Well, thanks to you and every one else for the great comments...I'm siked to be L-1!!
Way to go Marv. It looks like there are a lot of L1 successes this spring. Glad to see HPR newbies are coming about.
Congrats on the L1 - when's the L2 and where are the pics?


Big congrats on your successful cert mna...there is nothing like it!!! You need to call Ross now at Magnum...he just got a bunch of 38mm H-I motors and some 29mm H128's. Time to stock up!

Once again, congrats,

Thanx guys- yes, pics and L-2 are coming. The pics should be here in a couple weeks at most. L-2 probably near the end of the summer...not sure if I'm gonna put a J570W in my Phoenix or build a scratch rocket. I'm really wanting to utilize the Performance Rocketry 7.5" round nosecone and make a giant Big Bertha (hee-hee, I flew my stock one on an Ellis G35 this past weekend :D). We'll see, and Carl, I would definately be looking into stocking up on H motors, but I don't have the LEUP, so I'll just plan on flying where there is a vendor or trading off motors at launches. Once again, thanx for all the congrats, guys!
Thanx, bro! I think Chris and I are coming down in July plus starting in August, I'll be living in Columbia (I'm going to [the]Carolina :D) So you'll see me quite often!

Thanx again