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Apr 7, 2004
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Hello. Does anyone know why a LEUP is required to purchase Daveyfire e-matches?

Are there any e-matches that don't require a LEUP?

Is there anyway where we could get a LEUP, but not have to pay the $100 fee?

I think it's required because the do 'explode,' although, not that much... Perhaps it is due to the sensitivity of them. Any spark can set them off... From what I know, though, N28F's don't require one. I think the Bs do though...

Do you have a club in which someone has a LEUP?
First of all, N28F's dont require a LEUP. I use them all the time. Seconf of all, I think you have to be 21 to get one. I dont know, it may be 18. Third of all, if you are doing it for TARC, it does not matter if a person in your club has them. For the qualification flights and at the finals, only students can prep the rocket, no adult involvement.
You can make magnelite igniters or buy some igniters from Giant Leap, i know they sell them at launches but no idea if they are sold online... They are a reddish color if that helps any.
No LEUP required

I get mine from www.flyfast.net

If you need it, Matt can send you a letter from his ATF agent saying you don't need a LEUP