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Jan 20, 2009
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I just ran across the NAR's page for hints on how to fill out the application forms for a LEUP.


It suggests that item #15 on the form can be filled out:

Check YES. Check YES and enter Devices will be delivered and consumed on site. No storage will be required.

Is this accurate? If so, it would be a MAJOR boon for myself and all of the others out there who live in residences with NO possibility of storage (condo...)

Thanks for any help as to verifying this that can be offered.
The way I understand it, there are two ways to get the LEUP - with storage and without storage, and what you typed sounds right. I don't have one (yet...still got a few years of wheel greasing to do on that one), but that's what I've heard.
The instructions on the NAR site predate the Safe Explosives Act and do not reflect the current application form.

You MUST have storage or if that is not possible you MUST arrange with someone who has approved storage to store your excess motors for you on a contingent basis.

See item 22c of: https://www.atf.gov/forms/pdfs/f540013.pdf

The BATFE removed the language (without any basis) that allowed for a permit without storage when they published the regulations to implement the SEA. I sent in a comment on this but it is unlikely that the BATFE will do anything about it. Plus they have pushed the date for publishing a final version of the rules back until Feb. 2005
Either someone stores them for you, or you get a letter from your HPR vendor saying he will take back whatever you dont burn ( and you provide a letter saying you will give the vendor back what you dont use.

Thats how I got mine.

I also got an e-mail from Mark Bundick, NAR Prez. He said that the NAR site will be updated with current info in something like a month or so.