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Dec 29, 2003
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How about posting pics of your V2s and V2 derivatives?

For starters, here's my Big Daddy conversion:
This is my Estes 2.6" V2. Scaled down the fins. It's getting a little long in the tooth, but still flies great!
Here's my rendition of a piloted A9. I built this before I understood stability very well so it leans into the wind a bit. Good flyer, though...

The cockpit is half a drop tank from a 1/48 scale fighter.
Here is my 'old reliable' 1976 vintage ESTES Maxi Brute 4" V2, launching on an F21-6W.

It is in the shop right now, as repeated AP motor ejection charges have cooked the stiffer tube. I am rebuilding the mm with a BT50H heavy wall tube that is soaked in CA.

This rocket was built as light as possible. Fins are stock, and the only mods are: double engine hooks, 36" ESTES nylon chute from a Designer's Special, 36" of 3/8" elastic shock chord, and a CA soak of the body tube .
Here's a 1/35 PMC V2. This started out in realistic mottled camouflage which didn't help recovery when it seaparted on its first flight. Both parts were recovered, although weeks apart. I rebuilt and repainted in a bright White Sands scheme. Great on D12-5s!
The last V2 in my stable (for now!): a 1/35 PMC in black and white scheme post-war scheme...
I like the 3" V-2 MetMan.

BTW Totally Tubular now has the 3" Big Daddy tubing.

Here is my 2.6" Bumper WAC

Here is a picture of my unfinished V2. It's a BT55 Scale model. I got plans from the old Estes Kit on Jim Z's site and asked another group for body tube sizes before building. The original Estes tube was 4" or 101mm I cut mine to 78mm and used the small fins in the plan to get closer to scale. Possibly a mistake. A computer sim suggests that it is only stable by 1 caliber when loaded with a 18mm C6-5 or 1.4 calibers with a B6-4. I've not been able to find any B6-4's so I'll attempt 1 launch with a C6.

BTW I epoxied 2 oz. of lead into the nose. I am at the max weight for a B6/C6, 113g. I got the nose and boattail from BMS. The nose was already predrilled but I had to make a little more room by carving out a little more so I could use a 15 inch mylar chute in it.

Shown with the white base color. I intend to finish with the black checkerboard pattern from October '42 and detail the edges etc.
Another pic of the above BT55 V2. This is just showing the filling work on the naked boattail. I found this featherweight filler that is fantastic. sticks to everything and when coated with sanding dope it turns hock hard. You see the white ring easing the end of the Boat tail to the motor tube... I used J-Flis tube. I love his parts too and he is a real choice when considering parts these days. I post again when detailing is finished and let everyone know if it flies. :eek:
Here's mine all Estes. The small one is a bt-55 I built in '67 or '68(Jr. High) I even brushed it olive drab!!!! The others are a bt-80 and a Maxi-Brute that are 18 or so years old. I never got around to painting them! I guess I still have time to... loojack
My V-2 only one flight so far which didn't go real well.

Here is mine. Estes 4inch (modified) and the Loc 4inch V-2. This also includes pictures of some of my other rockets. (I originally used this picture to email somebody with and I'm too lazy to go back and resize the actual picture).
No photos yet... but I am also working on a V2 BT 55 Estes clone. Anyone have tips for clean edges on the checkerboard paint scheme?
tape off your rocket and really push down the tape. If you still think it might seep under, take some of the base coat and paint the rocket with the masking on there, this will build up the edges so on the topcoat there will be no seeping. If the base color got under your masking, it doesnt matter because it wont be noticable, because it is the same color as the color is got onto.
Ditto what Ryan said about spraying the base coat over the masking tape.

If you get through the whole thing perfectly and chip a bit as you're pulling away the last piece of tape ()been there, done that), you can paint decal film and use this to cover up any imperfections. You can also use this for stripes.

Ditto on Ryans comments with one addition. If you have a multi color pattern, a coat of matte clear will seal the tape without the possibilty of lifting the freshly applied colors, that matte finish also leans a little easy to inspecting these areas before applying the 2nd or third color.
Why matte clear instead of gloss you might ask? Matte clears flash off the thinners and solvents very quickly, less potential lift damage to the underlaying paints and primers.
Here's a liftoff shot of my V2 at last summer's LDRS launch.


It flew on one of *those* motors.

-Jeff Taylor
nice, what are the dimensions? I love blue motors

o, and another thing, peel the tape off slowly and maybe very carefully score the edge of the masking so it doesnt peel paint with it. Convienently, if some paint comes up, the checks on V2s are black so just fill in the voids with a sharpie
I hope Kevin Kremer will forgive me for posting his picture here, but it's too good not to.

Ok everyone, turn to the centerfold picture in the Jan-Feb issue of Extreme Rocketry. See that nice V2? Here's what it looked like shortly after that centerfold shot was taken.


Ooops!! One of the better cato pictures I've seen.

-Jeff Taylor
My V2 (not the cato shot) is 9.25" in diameter and weighs 40-50 pounds at liftoff.
wow that is an amazing picture definantly one of the best I have seen, the only problem is I dont have a Sport rocketry handy, is your V2 a kit or scratch, and does it have Dual Deploy?
It's a scratch build, though I bought the fiberglass cones (the tail cone is just a nose cone that I cut off).

Recovery is dual deploy, both cutes come out the top. The main is released using a BlackSky ARRD. The altimeters are housed in small chambers in the tail section.
Thats a real beauty...! the 9.25

the cato pic is great too, sorta pre-boom moment