lets see those hobby rooms!

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Jun 6, 2004
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so, some of these rockets are getting big! what does everyone's hobby room, or whatever else, look like? there mnust be some packed garages and such. lets see some pictures, i want some storage ideas!
Rockets and DEVO... what a GREAT combination:

here are some pics of my 'assembly areas'
kewl :)

I'd take a picture of *my* room, but the Department of Dirty Offices would probably confiscate it... LOL

Maybe after LDRS when I plan to clean it up...
"the Department of Dirty Offices would probably confiscate it... LOL"

Yes, these pictures were taken AFTER a cleanup!! The place is a real mess now!!
ive cleaned it up and fixed it up alittle...

i still need some sort of rack to hold everything...
If I posted a picture of either my build or design area, my wife would kill me.
Well, you're certainly taking up more space than me, but at least your stuff has a semblance of order!
Here's mine,

It's my hobby room, and I must admit, taht R/C airplanes are my #1 hobby, but Rockets are slowly becomming #2!

My rockets are either displayed about the house, or hanging under the shelves, right hand corner of teh photo..
Having just commited a major clean...

Here is where I spend too much time on TRF to the left is the flight prep area.

design and trf.jpg

A rare view of my workbench


The Warehouse

Top = Junk
Next = parts
Next = Things I might actually build someday
Next = The department of sick and unfinished rockets

storage area.jpg

Some of the kids

the kids.jpg