Lep Permit question???

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Jan 22, 2009
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If I buy and use a level one or two motor at the launch TRA launch site would I still need a Lep?

Also, if I brought Black Powder for my Altimeter charges at the TRA field and used it there and didn't take any with me home would I still need a Lep?

I would say probably NO, if you also burn it at the launch......If you try and take it home with you, you would probably need a LEUP......due to the recent ruling on APCP being an explosive....

As far as purchasing BP at the field, I would assume that the rules that apply to APCP would also apply to BP.....
ALL purchases of regulated explosives require a permit. Permittee's and licensee's who distribute explosives are required to keep records, including the permit number of who they sold it to. Entering false information in the records is a felony.

Unless BP is intended for use in antique firearms, it is regulated.

Most HPR motors are regulated. With differing opinions on the status of "Easy Access" reloads.

It does not matter if you use it immediately, you must have a permit in order for anyone to "distribute" explosives to you.

Some individuals think that a permittee can purchase the regulated material and then supervise a non-permittee in its use. This is certainly true if the permittee does indeed purchase the explosives. If however, the permittee accepts money from a non-permittee and then purchases explosives on the non-permittee's behalf, things get murky very quickly.