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Jan 18, 2009
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We're really moving along with our efforts at creating a new club here in central Alabama. At this time we have our club officers in place, and have at least addressed the most basic of needs.
We have also located several sites from which to operate, so I'm in need of a sample or copy of a group agreement with the landowners.
I've looked around and havn't had much luck. The NAR nor the AMA web sites don't have what we're looking for...Just something for an idea, or basic structure to present to the landowner, would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.....Steward & The "Boys"

rough draft

Thanks Kermie...
The paperwork for our charter is in the mail, and we already have a handle on the insurance. What I'm looking for is more a less a "quasi" contract, something which simply identifies the partys involved, and the limitations involved... sorta like a cover page that precedes the insurance forms.
If the truth be known...I'm hoping to make it really easy for the attorney... (read cheaper here), so that everything flows smoothly when we sign off on the agreement.
Thanks again...and keep 'em flying...!!!


THANKS Guys...we're in shape and (almost) ready to go...!!!