Left Hobby Lobby 100$ poorer

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Jan 18, 2009
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The Mrs. and I got a 50% off all rocket kits and we loaded up. Im waiting for glue to dry on an Executioner now
Well the great thing about being a newbie is your happy with anything that looks kewl lol .. i got 7 rockets for about 35 dollars at half off .. Inluding .. an echostar two stage payloader, a meteor masher that releases 3 deep space cluster bombs, an outlander, a beta trans wing super glider, an astro sat lsx, a Pip squeek and The flash.

Guess I'll be busy for a while!

Mr Bowhunter on the other hand likes bigger toys lol

But he did get an executioner, a pack of D-12s, a pack of E-9s, a mid-power launch pad all at 50% off!

Ofcourse when we left Hobby lobby he still had to go across the street to Micheal's cause Hobby lobby didnt have a fat boy .. and since half of his fell out of the tree and the nose cone is still there he "needed" a new one to put his 4 C cluster he built in it.
This episode of "life with the bowhunters" better have a ton of pics included!:D ;) :p

Sounds like you two got quite the haul! I wouldent say "$100 poorer"... "$100 richer" sounds better to me...:D ;) :p

PICS, PICS, WE WANT PICS!!!:D ;) If you guys get $100 worth of rockets, you better spend at least half that on film to take pics with...:D ;)
Your gonna love that Executioner on E9's. A perfect match to launch a large rocket but yet keep it in sight.
Now if you want to go out of sight, get an Eliminator, but don't launch it in any wind. :)

Went to Hobby Lobby myself and finally got the Outlander, SR71, and Renegade. Also got an Echostar and all the new 13mm quickies.

Here It is and the Mrs. made a Quest Pip squeek and she said she is gonna call it her pocket rocket and I about died and I asked her if she knows what that is and she didnt know then I told her :D there isnt to many boring moments here LMAO
OK you two!!!!!
By launch time this Saturday , by my calculations, there will
be a traffic jam at the RSO table !!!!!
Try to remember that there will be OTHER flyers that will
need an occasional turn at the launch pads!!!!!!!
Try to run that 4-banger-FATBOY past the RSO when I am
NOT on duty!!!!!!!!
While I am waiting around, I will be happy to offer my
affordable DAYCARE services (payable in AP)!!!!!!!
Dr Don
I got to go to the store and get some modeling clay for nose weight but I will be testing it all week to get my CG right so it will fly stable
In that Fatboy is it 4x18mm motors or 4x24mm? What ever it is , it looks like its gonna rip strait through those clouds!:p
Where are these Hobby Lobby stores that i keep hearing about?
they sound like the place to make great deals on kits.
I can always road trip for a good deal.