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Jon Dubrick

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Nov 24, 2019
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I'm offering a 90 percent finished build. 54mm Minimum Diameter all Fiberglass Rocket by Madcow. The awesome Tomach!!!!😊Picture 1 is assembled rocket. Picture 2 is the upgraded 54mm aluminum bulk plate. Picture three avionics bay. I have wired for dual deployment. Turn screw for power and arm. Picture 4 upgraded slime line 54mm retainer (this was not included in kit). Picture 5. Adhesion work. This just needs a sand and then filler and sand and paint. Alt bay has powder charges already mounted. If you don't like this set up, just change it. Shock cord is included but no recovery system. One hole has been drilled for pressure, but you will need to add more per instructions. Ill include the paper instructions.

Plan was to load K550 or better. All in rocket is $205, upgraded bulk plate $26.00, 54mm retainer $36.00. Total: $ 267.00 ASKING $225.00 plus shipping


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