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Feb 5, 2009
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(This is not a product announcement!!! Just something I am working on!!!)

Here is something I have been working on, my first try with a boat tail. Think it will fly? There is a fin underneath as well, kind of shaped like an intake. It has a 24mm motor mount.

(really hoping the moderators don't drive me crazy by moving this post to "vendors"...)

I like it....a lot. Have you flown it yet?

(It's getting closer to May!?!?!...waiting on the new Shrockets)


How do you do it???? Never have I seen one of your designs that doesn't appeal.
I think it will fly. You have the main wings on a lower "plain" which should help offset the drag of the vetical stab. How about a "ventral" pic as well?

Odd as it may seem, I have been working a simalir project, but it seems more like a 727.

I think the later lears adding some lower/aft fin stabilizers to help with yaw tendencies.

Also, ext tanks would look cool...what da ya think?


That's a great looking rocket! Keep us updated!

Cool! Now, can you get it to glide back? THAT would be awesome!
Good proportions, nice lines, looks really sharp so far.
Looking forward to whatever paint job you come up with.

You did a great job on that boat tail! Could you post a picture showing the fin underneath? I might be willing to simulate the model so you can see how it will fly.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Is that based on a BT-60 main body?

The tail cone looks like a circumcised nose cone...Did I say that out loud???

Hey, we need some more info out here!


Very nice design!! I love jet / rocket plane inspired builds. Check out these asymetrical noes cones Sandman made for me a while back. A similar nose cone would look outstanding on your learjet build.
Thats awesome! Thats a realy nice job you've done on that please keep us updated!!:D
When the weather clears up I'll get some more pics, I need to get some motors to fly it on.

I finished painting the LexJet, here is a nice pic!


Actually, here is a render of a color scheme I might paint it:


I'd guess from the boattail that this design is based on the newly available BT-70 compatible 5:1 ogive in blowmolded plastic from Apogee. I just got a bunch of these. A very nice part, a little loose fitting in the tube, but that's easily remedied with some tape. This nose cone is marked for 24mm and 29mm exit diamter boattails.

Hey Len, correct on the boattail. Tim is having the PNC-70 nosecone mold adjusted to fit to more snuggly in the tube.

Very nice!

I think it will fly fine. Here's mine, which isn't as pretty as yours. The wings are midships and the only thing on the underside is the launch lug. Nevertheless, it flies. It rolls; one of the horizontal surfaces must be either slightly squint or slightly warped. What it does not do is go into a loop and a crash. BT-55 main body, B6-4 in the back, two flights so far, successful recovery both times.

Hmm... my attachment doesn't seem to have shown up. No matter, you can see it here instead: