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Aug 12, 2010
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Well folks here is the lil fishy finished.With everything loaded except motor she weighs in at 3lbs on the nose.Clear coated this morning then finished off bay and installed the RBs and retainer.I've never been to the https://www.nefar.net/ launch site so going to wait till I get there to decide on first motor.Most likely it'll be the I161W since it is a Great White and my OCD tells me to fly a white load for inaugural launch.

sim. flights of reloads I have:

I161W 3150'
I218R 2978'
I357T 3155'

I might get crazy on 2nd launch and fly one of these:
I600R 4568'
J420R 4698'
J500G 4863'

Now I imagine these sims are a bit off since the rocksim https://www.leadingedgerocketry.com sent me is a heaver than my finished weight by about 7.5 oz.

Very happy with this kit and would recommend it if you like out of the ordinary 3FNC kits.If all goes well I'll post some launch pix and video tomorrow night.

Post copied to gallery with permission


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Jan 17, 2009
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Welcome to the Leading Edge Great White (LE-26) Gallery on TRF.

This gallery showcases the Leading Edge Great White (LE-26) and those rockets derived from it. Particularly appropriate in this thread are the following:

Leading Edge: Great White: LE-26

as well as any upscales, downscales, clones, kitbashes or other derivative works. Even Goonies qualify!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Leading Edge Great White (LE-26) Basic Information.

Leading Edge Rocketry

MODEL NAME: Great White Also known as:


Introduced: 2011
Final Year:

Type: Sport
Motor Mount: 1x38mm
Recovery: Parachute
Stages: 1
Length: 52"
Diameter: 2.3"
Weight: 2.5 lbs

Mfg. Description: The Great White is a high performance, sleek traditional model. Equipped with a 38mm motor tube it is designed to fly on H through J medium thrust motors. The Great White requires a launch rail that accepts small rail buttons. The main airframe is constructed from high quality kraft tubing with laser cut fin slots. Both the fins and centering rings are laser cut from aircraft grade plywood. Other key features: Dual deployment ready with the included complete electronics bay (minus electronics); sleek plastic boattail and nosecone; stainless steel motor retainer; metallic vinyl decals. Kit also comes with (3)Quick-Links, (2) Nylon cords and (2) CHUM red parachutes for recovery! As with all of Leading Edge Rocketry kits, the Great White is proudly made in the United States of America. (Leading Edge 2013 Web Ad)

Advertising Liveries

2011 Web Ad

Face Card(s)

Instruction Header(s)

First post in this thread featuring this rocket.

See Also:
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Mfg. Page

If you have any additional information on this rocket and/or catalog photos please let us know.
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