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Peter Alway

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May 19, 2004
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Any non-smokers going to LDRS want to share a motel room in the general vicinity for 2-3 nights (Friday, Saturday, and Maybe Sunday) and save a few bucks? Somehow I let the planning time slip by.

If you are interested, email me at petealway (at) aol (dot) com and we can make arrangements.

Thank you!

It sounds important - trying to help ya Peter!

Another rocketeer cancelled his room at the Geneseo Days in, so I have a room now. But now I'm paying $88 + tax for 2 beds. Any non-smoking rocketeers out there want to share a room for Friday, Saturnday, and Sunday nights for $44 a night? Or a night or two of those?

I have someone who is interested for all three nights.
Please contact me as soon as you can, and he can get in cotact with you via phone, if possible.


Finally, after a week of trying, I was able to get to the LDRS website. And I learned it's $150 to vend there. Add that to the hotel and transportatin, and it's looking like I couldn't make much money for a whole lot of work, so I'm staying home to work on the 2004 supplement and the Saturn V kit.

The fees talked me right out of going too!

I have to admit that Vendor row was not very well defined. There were no signs that said where vendors were to park vs. flyers. I ended up parking 2 tents down from Jim on Sunday and I wasn't vending anything (except smiles) and I paid no vendor fee. It seems to me, in retrospect, that identification of where ALL the vendors were should have been much more prominent since they were paying for the priviledge.