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Oct 21, 2014
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Is anyone working on anything special for LDRS next year? I think this one in Canada will be awesome. They have a great launch site up there. I'm planning to build a 75mm minimum diameter rocket especially for LDRS. If they do a bowling ball launch I'll probably enter that too.
I might be doing a G altitude attempt there (if I don't get to fly earlier). Doesn't sound like much but it's a 24mm rocket, carbon fibre to reduce weight and hopefully going to top out at mach one and go to 6500ft. It's going to carry an experimental altimeter made on the west coast of canada and burn an ellis mt. G37-10W. Should be a real ripper!

I have a 38mm minimum diameter rocket that's slightly overbuilt but should be great fun! Should be able to handle Js.

It's a real nice site there. I heard a Canadian guy is gonna do a 2 stage N rocket to go to 40,000ft and break the Canadian unlimited record.