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May 10, 2011
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Well, I cant post all 800+ pictures that I took (377 MB in all. :cool: ), but, if you have a rocket that flew on any of the comercial days, theres a good chance I got it...

Ill post some of the really durn cool ones right now, but if you have a rocket that you would like a picture of, just tell me which day it flew, what time of day it flew, what propellant type, and what markings the rocket had, and Ill see what I got.:)

Heres an upscale of something that I believe is called the "andromeda". I forget who made the origional(chances are Estes or Centuri), but its a really cool rocket, and I got a near-perfect picture of it. I can only post the crappy cropped and resized slightly grainy version, but if you want to PM me with your email, I can send you the raw versions of any of these....:cool:
These cropped versions really dont do these birds justice... And they make my photography (or my camera) look stinky, but the origionals are near-perfect, just way too big to post... :rolleyes:

Heres our own Rocketkid88's PML Amraam on a G33. Again, I think this is the chopped up version... :(
Yep. These cropped versions really suck... Terribly sorry. :(

Here is one of the coolest pictures I took. Again, after I chopped it up to fit on TRF, its not so great, but you get the idea.... A Redline cluster, only one of the outboards lit.

You can guess what happened. I think it cartwheeled, shredded, and all that fun stuff :D ;) :eek:
Someones Phoenix on a motor I forget....

Dont remember much about this flight, sorry.

Cool pic, tho! :D
Heres an upscale Big Bertha. the up part was great, but I didnt follow the down part. I think it landed OK, though...

Well, thats it for now... If you have any rockets that you want pics of, dont hesitate to ask!:)
The Crayon rocket was Ray Bryant's. 3 H210R's in the outboard crayons, never caught what was in the middle.

The Big Bertha is flying on a K700. My Magnum is the red rocket to the right of it. Any pictures of my rocket?

Also, I am looking for pics of my dad's 4" Standard Arm. Flew both Friday and Saturday on WL motors. J275 Friday, J222 Loki Saturday.

Todd Harrison got this SWEET pic of the J222.
Did you happen to get my L3 cert flight ( Mega-Nuk on the M1480 Red Rhino ) Friday afternoon?

Is this the Standard Arm?

Ill go look for the Magnum....

If it was from the away pads, I proabably didnt get a good shot. Since we younguns were not allowed near the away pads, I had to use the max zoom on my camera, and it cant focus fast enough at that distance to get a picture. They were all blurry. Sorry. :(

I did get a few videos of rockets on the away pads, though... That big saucer on the red motor, and 10 or 15 others....
it may be, the strakes look a little big, though...any idea when this pic was taken?

nice pic tho
LOL! What a coincidence. I was looking all over the place for it, then I looked at my desktop picture... Lo and behold, there it was! :cool: So I eventually found the BB origional, and then yours. The origional is one of my fauvorite pics of the launch....

This IS your rocket, right? :D
This is another chopped up picture... The origional is crystal clear, dont worry. :D
I dunno... Ill go check...

OK, I think it was Friday.

Does this match?
yes! Very cool Neil. Thats the Standard Arm on the J275W.

And thats my Magnum, too! If it was on Friday, then it was a K695R, K1275R if on Saturday.

Very cool!!! I know have pics of every flight I made at LDRS!

Want the origionals? They are much, much better... :)
Would you have a Red Magnum (Black nose cone) - Saturday afternoon / left side - Pro54 K650 SS?
This might be it... I am not very familiar with the SS propelant, so I dont know if this is even the right motor. But its a red rocket with a black cone, going on Saturday afternoon, so it might be yours. :)

Its really hard to tell from this picture... Whoops.:(
Here is a pic of a SS motor:

Mustve been something else, then.

Those are cool motors.... Cessaroni makes those, right? Does AT make anything similar?
Originally posted by Neil

Those are cool motors.... Cessaroni makes those, right? Does AT make anything similar?

Yep they do. They're called Black Jacks. Only difference is that it happens to be AT's wimpest propellant.

The smallest is the E11J for the 24/40 casing. The largest, the I195J for the 38/600 casing.

They're cool motors. I just burned an F12J in an Art Applewhite saucer yesterday. It was sweet.
Oh yea... Those... :rolleyes: I have heard they are really weak, so I have stayed away from them... Sounds like they are MADE for flying saucers, though...

What is "Black Max"? Is it any stronger? Is it in production? DOes it even exist? :rolleyes:
It's a much faster black AT propellent.. I think it's only in certain econojets though...
The Blackmax formulation was only used in the F23 and G38 Econojet motors.

I do believe it is stronger, I once used G38FJ's in my G-Force and it easily lifted the 5 foot tall, 4 inch diameter rocket with no problems.

These motors are currently not in production but I believe that Aerotech does plan to re-release them later on this year.
Huh. Which ones? :D

I guess I missed your Magnum. Oh well.

Any other flights? :(

Thanks for the try on the red magnum with the black nose cone. The picture you have looks to be my rocket. I flew it Saturday morning on a HyperTek K240. I think you got this flight. I guess I'm still looking for the K650 SS - Thanks again
Well, right rocket, wrong flight isnt ALL bad... Ill take another look to see if I overlooked it somehow...

Want the origional of the flight I did get?:) Its not my best picture ever, but its better than nothing...
Oh, did we ever figure out who owned that beautiful Andromeda? :cool:

There were some fireworks one of the nights we were there... And, of course, the camera came out... :D

Heres two of the best, chosen from about 80 :rolleyes:

Can you tell I Like my camera?