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Nov 24, 2009
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Some of you may know that I shoot videos of high power rockets, and I have been planning on trekking to Argonia for LDRS all year. After a recent event I am left with two damaged cameras, and car troubles that are going to require me to fly and rent a car.

Without rolling out the pity party too much, long story short I'm selling some stuff.

First up, my Rouse-Tech complete 54/1280 motor. It was used for my L2 and I have put a couple J800s through it. Otherwise I think it has been fired 5-6 times.
Pem-Tech Screamin' Green Meanie:
$25 Shipped

As some of you also know, I sell rocketry t-shirts. Amazon was giving me some troubles, so I moved the top sellers over to Teespring. Now the designs are $17.99 for shirts, and available on hoodies, phone cases and stickers as well.
Furthermore, any sales on the site between now and LDRS will get you a free digital copy of my completed video BEFORE the rest of the world gets access to it.


CTI Pro75 3 Grain CASE ONLY
$150 Shipped

If you make a purchase, please private message me your email address so I know to put you on the list of exclusive recipients!


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