LDRS 36 - Featured Flights & Big Projects + Volunteer

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Scott S

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Aug 28, 2011
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LDRS 36 - Featured Flights & Big Projects

The featured flights page has been update with all the submissions received to date. Come check out the cool flights you'll be seeing in April.

Please remember to submit those Big / Complex Projects (M impulse or above) as well as those high fliers (altitude > 10,000') to the MDRA BoD for review. Submissions can be made at the Big Projects page.

Volunteer to help

We've added a page for anyone who would like to help out during the launch. Just submit your contact info here and we'll be in touch.

See you at the Field
Featured flights page has been updated with all approved flights to date that provided a picture. Please provide a photo if you would like your projected listed on the website.
Scott, do you know when MDRA will begin reaching out to volunteers? I submitted my name last week or maybe earlier but haven't heard anything yet and I was wondering if I needed to check my spam bin.

Steve Shannon