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May 10, 2011
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LDRS is right around the corner!

Well, kinda

But the rocket planning and making starts *NOW*!

I am also wondering who will be attending, what people will be flying, and at what power levels and predicted altitudes.

Wouldent it be fun to share all of our plans now, even though we still have to wait 5 or 6 months for the big week????

This will be my first LDRS.... I will have at least two 4" diamter rockets, AT LEAST 3 3" diameter rockets, at least 2 2" diameter, 3 or 4 1.5" diameter, including my Mach Buster 1, and my Hawk Mountain Raptor.

I will have a selection of Fs and Gs, some Hs, a few Is and one or two Js! My dad will have his LEUP and his L2 by then (im hoping...), so we should be all good to go!:cool: :cool: So what are *YOU* flying????? Lets put Rocsim through its paces!:cool: :D

Heres my second 4" diameter rocket. Its made of a Staples mailing tube (glassed), foam nosecone, 1/4" birch ply fins, rings ETC, and all that fun stuff! and, of course, the chute is made by me :D
Heres a clusterd version of the 4" rocket... It might not be the right one, so if it doesent have any centering rings or anything, its the WRONG DESIGN.:rolleyes:
I'll be there, going for my L3 again ( MegaNuke )
Plan on a bunch of "K" flights ( both commercial and EX )

Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

NAR 77267
TRA 08948
Heck yea I'll be there!

- BIG Nuke on the new, faster RATT K motor
- Loc Magnum on the same K
- 4" ASP on a RATT K240
- Loc Magnum K1100T
- Phantom 4000 on a bunch of H's
- Maybe my 6" DER V3 upscale on a K580 Purple (TH Special:))

And of course...

FaSt Boy, looking like an I212SS right now. Mach on a smokey motor should be cool, plus if I lose it, a PRO case is a lot cheaper than a Dr. Rocket...

Everyone share their projects!
Well, I live within sight of the launch/recovery area..... :) You can't see my house quite from the field, but if I take a walk a little ways north, I can see it. I've signed up not to be at work that week/weekend/etc. I guess I'm going. However, I will not be flying any big high powered contraptions. I'm a recent BAR and my interest (at the moment?!) is D/E stuff and clustering BP.

Maybe an E9 with fins glued on it would get into the clouds?! :eek:

I'll be there for the 6 days. I'll be flying....

Commercial days:
4" Bird on 3 Skyripper 38mm J hybrids.

And maybe some other flights, yet to be determined. My main focus is EX days.

EX days:
11.5" Little John to fly on a 98/15000 Blue N motor. Liftoff weight should be in excess of 100lbs.

My other flights are still up in the air. Probably something 75mm in my 7.5" Little John, 6" Little John or 5.5" OuterLimits.

I'll probably be flying a few of my loads in other people's projects.

LDRS should be a good time - Definitely looking forward to it.

-Todd Harrison
All of this talk is making me jealous and sad. :( I live in Alabama and it would be a LONG drive from here to NY. I want to go but there is no way my mom would take me. I'm also jealous because I can't wait untill the day I get old enough to start trying to get certified and have a good job and build BIG rockets! :D Right now, I am still satisfied with my 9 foot tall, 4 inch diameter rocket with a 75mm MMT in it! For the meantime, MPR and low HPR will keep me going for a long time. Have fun everybody!
I will be there for the whole week. The only thing planned so far is my L3 attempt with a Smokin' Rockets full scale Amraam, which I just started construction on. I haven't decided yet on what other things I will fly, but I am taking Loki's EX class next month and plan on at least one experimental flight in addition to the others. The other club members at work were upset when I grabbed that week for vacation ahead of them.
OK. I spend the night updating my Rocsim database with all my MPR (also all of them are HPR capable besides the IQSY Tomahawk. I took out the engine block on the Mustang, so I *could* fit an H128 or something in there, but I dont want to risk my RCC2X yet...:rolleyes: . The rest *should* be able to take Hs and small Is at the least. The Forte might be able to take a J, but I am not going to try! I like that rocket!:cool:

Heres my MB1
Yeah, I know the fins are off on the V2. I have been fighting with Rocsim all day with that rocket...:mad: I cant get the fin size right, the boattail distorts it somehow...:mad: Heres my Forte!
OK. I admit it. I didnt make this one. Rocketboy G80 did. But alas he had this puppy for sale, and it was for a good price, and very good quality, so, of course, I bought it. Mostly because my workshop is frozen, I was moving at the time, and because I didnt have all that much money... Otherwise I would have built one myself. I also hate aligning surface-mount fins. I have gotten better at it, but I still prefer TTW by a longshot!:rolleyes:
This ones retired, so I dont know why on earth I made a Rocsim for it, but hey. I was doing all my other rockets, so what the heck...

This rocket has gone through a LOT. It has landed in a swamp/river, flown on a G35, F25-4, and F25-6. it was also my first mid power, so its kinda special.:) It will never fly again. Its motor mount is all chewed up. That accursed sticker on teh G35 glued itself onto the motor mount when it landed in the water... It took a drill, file and a lot of other tools to get it out.:eek: Once again, my dad saved the day...:cool:

*FIRST* he wades across *TWO* rivers in mid-april, *THEN* he retrieves someones Saturn capsule which also landed in the swamp right after mine did, *THEN* he gets the motor out of the rocket! Three words: WHAT A DAD!!!!:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Heres my cloned Missile Works ASP. Very nice custome work from LOC.:cool: :cool: :cool:
And, last and least, my 1/3 scale IQSY Tomahawk.

Can you tell I dont really like this rocket much?? Im afraid to say I dont really like Phenolic tubing, folks.... :eek: :eek: :eek: :mad: :mad:

I *do* however think I did a good job on the paint scheme on the Rocsim file, as youll notice...:D :eek:
And the flight reports and future flights for these birds:


1 F50-9T
1 G35-7W


1 F25-6W
1 G64-7W


4 F20-4Ws
1 G35-7W

AT Tomahawk:

1 F25-4W
1 F25-6W
1 G35-7W

Yank 1/3 scale Tomahawk:



1 H165-M R


2 F20-7Ws

You can expect to see all of these rockets at LDRS, unless something happens to them during an earlier launch. And, of course, on bigger motors:cool: :D
"A K580 Purple? A TH special? Make sure he actually shows up with purple this time."

Very funny Rob :p

Realize that everything you listed is over a BP "E" motor, so you will be paying the higher fliers fee...just and FYI.

I know. My dads paying:D :rolleyes: They have been spending so much money on my sisters summer programs that they figure they should bring me to this for free:D :cool:
Oh yeah! I scored! I also spend all my money in savings on my first kit run....:rolleyes:

I CANT WAIT ANOTHER 4 OR 5 STUPID MONTHS!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ANOTHER MONTH UNTILL THE NEXT CMASS LAUNCH, AND ANOTHER DECADE UNTILL THE NEXT CHERRYFIELD LAUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK. Breathe neil. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. Go load up rocsim, design another rocket.... Its the only way....:D
I'll be there. Dunno for how long tho. Was thinking either for 2 or 3 days.

Im staying allllllll week! I wont have any EX to launch, but if you can be a spectator for free, I want to get some pics!:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

K580? Where did you pull that number out of?


My usual method - I videotaped the static test and played it back on my computer to get the burn time. 3.02 seconds. It was 1750ns hardware which is a good enough estimate of total impulse for me so...

1750 / 3.02 = ~ 580 avg. thrust.

It was a decent purple in real life. Still needs some work, but it is getting there.