LDRS 1995 [Black Rock Desert]

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Nov 13, 2003
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An oldie but a goodie.

I updated my 1995 LDRS trip report with two videos of my Magnum flying on a K550 and John Heinze and my Tangerine Trip flying on a M1939 to L952. I also added the goofy interview that I did with Earl Cagle.

If you're interested:


You'll have to scroll down for the video links. Everyone should go to Black Rock for a rocket launch.
Very nice video's! Love the Magnum flight.

Any video of the K250 flight you had??
Heh! I remember that interview from my LDRS 14 video. Cool flight, even without the airstarts. Having said that, I remember thinking "wasn't that the guy that flew the Magnum in my LDRS 14 video?" while I was at my one day of LDRS 19. Were you trucking around some kids on your shoulders? I think it was you. Haha...what a coincidence, and a sad one at that considering I actually remembered that. Cool videos, nonetheless...oh, and I like the paint scheme you used on the Magnum. Roll patterns always look cool.
That's where I got hit by 8 lb of chalk when the ejection fired on the ground. Then, when I finally got everything ready, the P motor cato'd :( :( :(
I'm guessing you're Tom B (P motor, South Georgia, 1995 LDRS). We were truly looking forward to your P flight, if that is you. We thought your rocket had the best chance of having a successful flight. You seem to follow the same dictum as we do, K.I.S.S..
Small world. I probably had one, two, or psooibly even three kids attached to me in some fashion during LDRS 2000.
I wish I had a video of the K250 flight. It was incredible. The walk back to the range head was even more memorable. I could clearly see launches going off, but no sound.