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Apr 5, 2004
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Hey Folks

I am getting back into LPR hobby-shop kit style rocketry after a few years off. I now live in Northern NJ and was wondering if anyone here knew of any good places to set off rockets up to D class. I read about one NAR site near me but I just wanted to find a place to launch by myself until I get the hang of it.

If anyone has tried the recreation area up on the Palisades Parkway please let me know as that is a potential candidate.

You've probably found METRA; they have regular launches in Wawayanda, NY, just over the NJ border. They have a nice field and are a great group of people. If you haven't discovered Zeppelin Hobbies yet, you should!
I'm in Orange Co., NY. For LP stuff I use my daughter's elementary school soccer field. There aren't that many times when it's free, but weekend mornings are usually OK. You can probably find an athletic field somewhere that will do for LP.
Drew Tomko

I can't help you with a launch site but would recommend that you consider including a club in your activities "until you get the hand of it" because club members (any club members) will help you over any of the rough spots and I think you will be quite surprised with how well a BAR (Born Again Rocketeer) will be received.

Also, welcome to the forum (TRF). You're going to like it here, a real friendly bunch, if I *do* say so myself :)

Thanks for both the welcome and the recomendation. We've got a Fat Boy on the work bench now which will serve as a 'trial by fire' (well hopefully no fires).
Hey Chops, welcome to TRF! I am also in north jersey, you either saw METRA or our NAR section, Garden State Spacemodeling Society. Your best bet is to launch with us, trust me a very friendly group of people. We have a nice big field in North Branch Park down in Bridgewater (Somerset County). Don't know exactly where you are, but it's about a 40 minute ride for me. Anyway, our next launch is April 24, email or pm me if you're interested and I'll give you more info. We launch mostly low but also some mid power up to F.

Welcome to TRF Chops.
I too was a bit apprehensive about going to a club launch.
I finally knuckled down and went.
To my surprise everyone treated me so nice it was just like intead of meeting people for the first time it seemed as though we where life long friends.
I have had a number of hobbies and clubs ect.. but for me the rocketry crowed is by far the freindliest and most helpful group of people you are ever likely to meet.
Good luck with your Fat Boy (be generous with the recovery wadding, I burned some holes in my chute on the first launch)
Thanks for the invite GlennW. I am in Hoboken so Bridgewater isn't too bad of a hike at all. I will aspire to have the fat boy launchable by the 24th!

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