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Jan 26, 2009
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This weekend went up with my mom and got to shoot some stuff off at a club...

Thanks to Gene Castanzo (forgot your trf name) for getting me set with all the shtuff...


the arcas from hell flew perfect :D



This is just another HUGE file of slides of somones K (? i think) going up...
Great pics! If this was a certified motor launch (which, considering what you flew, it had to be), and that's a K motor, it's gotta be a K1000 Skidmark. There's no other K motor of any brand that comes even close to that visually, and it's the only K with that kind of propellant out there. That's what it has to be unless this was an unaffiliated launch that allowed both EX and certed motors...kind of like the Maryland rocketry club. Either way it's really cool, and if that was a K1000SK, then they look better than I thought!
That is definantly a K1000, nice pics, and good to see you got out to a club to launch, and a great club at that.

I even hear you got to see some M motors.

That is Gene Costanza (evilprince I think) he is a great guy.
Looks like you had a good time! I like the little slide show's how do you do those? Gotta love Skidmarks :p

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