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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
Due to the nice weather, I decided to launch some rockets with a friend earlier today. I launched the following birds:

AT Mustang - D15-4T - Nice quick liftoff. The delay was more like 6 seconds actually. Recovered without incident.

AT Arreaux - E16-4W - Old reload, dated 1999. Took two attempts to get it lit, didn't have the nice White Lightning flame but produced a good amount of smoke and had a neat crackle to it. Rocket went off almost horizontally, rod whip perhaps or not enough power. Since my field is very large, I recovered it easily.:D

I also noticed a rather unusual propellant residue buildup inside the motor casing where the grain was during disassembly and cleanup. Maybe that had something to do with the erratic flight path as well.

Quest Big Betty - C6-5 - Actually changed direction during boost, started off on the rod angle and then curved around slightly still going straight up. I use a Rockethead 12 inch mylar chute which works great for this rocket. Recovered fine.

After that, we were too hot and hungry to fly anything more. Another note is there were some people flying RC planes at the end of the field. They finished before us. I wonder if we scared them off.:D