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i launched

Sprite Upscale, E9-6 - always a joy to watch!
comanche 3, C6-5 nice flight! streamers were JUST enough to bring it down undamaged.
Quest Harpoon, D12-0,A6-3 perfect flight, but i misjudged the wind, landed it in a tree, over the fence...broke a fin off it trying to get it down with a stick. :( recovered.
estes Rogue, a3-4T - 25 year old rocket from my childhood. perfect flight! its second, if i'm not mistaken.
Mosquito 3D, 3xD12-5 - perfect boost! shock cord separation. all parts recovered. no damage. i built this one to LAST! :D
Micro TriAgain, 3xMMX - flashtape ignition, since i scavanged a nosecone to put on it, i neglected any nose weight. slightly unstable flight. good recovery.
comanche 3, D12-0, b6-0. a8-3 24mm booster separated before igniting the second stage...ballistic recovery.
at initiator, F40-7 - chute fouled, previously broken fin broke again
Big Daddy, E11-3J - beautiful flight!
Fat Boy^2, a3, a3, c6, c6, c6, c6, e9, e9 ->e9-4 - Flashpan ignition, 6 motors lit in the booster, model was not stable enough and sustainer ignited while the rocket was horizontal...sustainer not recovered. booster deployed the chute, but shock cord separation/one fin damaged on landing.
Orbital Transport, C11-3 - probably need a little longer delay, perfect flight, but front part of body tube exploded from the ejection pressure :( glider performed perfectly to the joy of the spectators!
Super Big Bertha, C11 - not enough motor, deployed too low for chute to open
Super Big Bertha, E9, E9 - only one motor lit good recovery
Mosquito clone, a10-3t - not recovered
estes Bullpup D12-7 - nice flight, not recovered
Tridentish, C11-3 - deployment failure

ok, there's the details on my stuff.
RocketBBoy and several other rocketeers also launched many rockets today, so i'd say even though there were some losses, it was a great day of flying!
Originally posted by Elapid

Big Daddy, E11-3J - beautiful flight!

Hmm... I have an E11-3J in my box. I have been contemplating on which rocket to put it in. I guess the Big Daddy slows down quickly enough after boost to not deploy the chute too early. How high would you guess it went?
imprinted on my brain.

i'd say it went a good 1000', maybe a little more.
the sim agrees.

the sim says it deploys @ 48 mph, which i find seems a bit quick, since i built it stock and the chute didn't strip off.
i was so busy flying stuff (all launching was done in a 3 hour period!), i never really thought about it except for the cluster launch...

next time i'll take pics, i promise
Aragura here,

I also was present at the lauch Yesturday. The wind was fierce, then it was calm, then it was fierce. It seemed like everytime someone had a rocket ready for launch the wind would kick up and only die down once the rockets were up.

I launched a Prowler 3 times on B6-4's, even on those motors and wind cocked, I almost lost it once due to a wind gust.

Then I took my brand new Aerotech 24mm reloadable. Installed a D17-4T reload in it. Put it into my Brand new Storm Chaser that I slapped together specifically for today. And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,....Nothing. I had a bad batch of ignitors.
Borrowed one from Elapid, countdown and Launch! Wait, whats that, a gust of wind straightened it from wind cock right at launch!

It flew straight up, beautiful flight, perfect deployment, BIG beautiful chute catches plenty of the new gust of wind and that would be the last I will see of that rocket.

I still had fun, especially watching Elapid throw rockets into the unforgiving wind and lose them without a second thought.
It was a great day Rob!!

Quest SkyDive had 5 perfect flights 1st C6-5,2nd A8-3(to small) 3rd 4th and 5th B6-6 which were perfect for the wind conditions of the day.

Big Daddy Drag race against Elipd's Big Daddy Estes E9-4. I cheated and left on the count of one (oopS) .Had the lowest alt..but had a shock cord failer..Recovered the rocket no damage..nose and para in Mexico I think...Ha

Quest Navaho AGM B6-0/A8-3 My first two stage...Perfect flight and recovery!!!Yeah NARTREC CERT FLIGHT!!!

Aerotech Baracuda: First flight Econjet F20-7w Perfect flight but drifted into gated comunity..Our fellow rocketeer and friend Kerry went in search and found it (cost me a lunch he did ha ha ha) 2nd flight F20-7w again nice launch but the nose cone seperated (my bad, bad preflight inspection) All was recovered but the body tube took a small ding from a fin. Still flyable.

Mark, Aaron and Kerry also flew their rockets with us today. Lots of rockets...Lots of Launches.. Good pizza at the end...Great fun....

Originally posted by Aragura
Aragura here,
I still had fun, especially watching Elapid throw rockets into the unforgiving wind and lose them without a second thought.

everything is relative...after your loss, mine seemed trivial.
i'm STILL thinking about it!

here's a few pics of the aftermath




the Rogue looked just as bad BEFORE the launch

i think it was painted(?) with nail polish, iirc!
Yet another launcher at the day, names Kerry.

I came out with some childhood memories in a box. I had an old estes rocket very similar to the current Alpha III. I believe it was the “Patriot”. Launched it on a B6-4 into the wind a bit (as Aragura said it was bad). Nice lift off and straight flight considering. Had deployment of the chute, but the body was falling a bit quicker than the nose cone and chute. It seems that the old rubber band cords are not very good after 10 years. Recovered the body with cracked fin, and the rest is happily resting some place else. Rocket has been retired after years of service.

Launched the freshly built Yankee on another B6-4. Wonderful flight, picture perfect deployment, and recovered around 40 yards from the pad.

Third in the air was another aged rocket. Predecessor to the current “Cosmic Cobra” with the helicopter nosecone recovery and chute for the body, also launched on a B6-4. I removed the rubber bands from the blades of the nosecone as the wind was still strong, and drifting of the cone was a fear. The body had a fowled parachute but recovered without a mark, nose cone was unharmed also and only 20’ away from the body.

Second launch of the Yankee was on a B4-4 and yet again had a textbook perfect flight. Total time from liftoff to recovery (I actually caught the rocket in hand) was 48sec and under 50 yards from the pad.

Some time of my day was spent in search of the Aerotech Baracuda that was on the pitch and put of the gated community. It had a wonderful lush green fairway to land on. Never found the Bull Pup launched by Elapid though.