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Jan 18, 2009
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Sorry I was solo and did not get any pics

Saturday at my local sod farm I launched the following rockets.
Nova Pay Loader
Alpha 3
Custom Sky bird

The Viking was a lawn dart. It broke my heart on its maiden flight on a B motor. The ejection was strong enough to eject the motor but not the streamer or nosecone. It flew up straight up as an arrow. All five fins popped off on impact and she buried itself about an inch in the ground. Body tube also crumpled as a result. I'm looking forward to building another one.
My venerable Patriot flew great on its 8th flight. First launch is on a C and went up perfect. I love this rocket and it fly’s great even with the sort fins. It was prone to weather cocking but after adding nose weight she fly’s straight and true. The second launch resulted in a shredded chute. I think the delay was to long C-6-5? And with the added nose weight, when she ejected the shroud lines tore from the chute. There was enough drag during landing to keep the damage to a minimum. Just needs some touch up paint on the fins and the nose cone from the Estes kiss.

The newest addition to the fleet is the Nova Pay loader. This is a great performer, straight as an arrow on a C-6-3 (no payload) and recovered twice within 75 yards of the pad. She weathercocked slightly on the second launch it seemed to correct itself prior to apogee. I highly recommend this rocket.

Next up the Phoenix on a D-12-5. I built this rocket 4 years ago and NEVER flew it. It was during my Pre-Bar days and was excited to see it go. I also added nose weight to this on because of weight concern; it’s a heavy rocket. She rose from the pad nice and slow to about 250-300 ft. I loved watching the flame out the back as she rose. Landed was fine so I flew her again, by now cars are pulling over to watch me. Up again nice and straight to about the same altitude. Chute came out at apogee but she caught a breeze and landed hard popping a fine. I repaired her when I got home and she’s ready to go.

And what’s a launch with out the old Alpha. This rocket really has grown on me and never fails.
I incorporated a spill hole in the chute to bring her down faster, and with the plastic fins she has sustained no damage. The best part is a parent and his son were watching and I let them fire her. I explained how they operated, saftey issues, how cheap of a hobby it is ect. Well, the kid loved it and even dad was impressed. Three takeoffs, three perfect landings, and I think I have some new people to fly with.

The Sky Bird will launch another day…..maybe today.
the best place to launch rockets is on sod.:)
you will have unsuccessful flights as wel as successful ones, thats part of rocketry, good flight report
Yea, it is great. The company who owns the field lets us fly there during certain times of the season. They have had a hard time keeping kids off the fields on their ATV's so we report them we see them and they appreciate it. Plus it never hurts to ask for permission first which is what we did. And let the truth be known we have left a case of beer in the back of his truck once in a while to show our appreciation.