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Jan 26, 2009
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Took me awhile to get this post up due to some crazy drunkard that angered me a bit...


First up is the flying scrapile on an A8-3... Shoulda used a C for this one... Didn't climb much, but it was pretty cool...


Next up was my CD spool on an A8-3... It definatly needed more oomph, but i got a buck off my dad who bet me it wouldn't fly :D

Next up was my bigger bertha. My first attempt at clustering 3x18mmt's... Now i didn't expect antyhign great because of how much it wieghed. I knew i shoulda used something with less of a delay but i just NEEDED to get this thing to fly (the 2 previous times it just sat there and looked pretty)

after spending an acessive amount of time setting it up

only 2 engines lit which couldn't have helped. the nosecone had a little... uhh... remodeling in mind...

last was my pavewayIII on an A8-3 which wasn't quite good enough, so i took the one C6-5 that dind't light on the bigger bertha and let it rip

Great Launch day and i got to get everything back :D