Launch Report (Delayed) -- 13 Nov 04

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Jan 18, 2009
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Event: Alamo Rocketry Celebration of Flight RSL (NAR Section 488)
Date: 13 Nov 04
Weather: ~35F, Breezy, Overcast, Drizzle Off-and-On

Had a fun time despite the weather. Also had a group of kids from an El Paso TX school that's involved in TARC come by. I flew only six rockets this day. Came back on Sunday but everyone had mostly cleared out so didn't fly any.

#1: Estes Loadstar, C6-0/C6-7, 1st Flight (1st Staged)

Very nice flight, weathercocked moderately, good staging and a little bit of a walk to recover the sustainer. Booster broke two fins off upon landing; easily repairable. BTW, this is the bulk pack version of the Warp II.

#2: Estes Long Shot, D12-0/C6-7, 19th Flight (18th Staged)

Another very nice boost and stage, but the sustainer motor CATOed shortly after staging. Rocket deployed parachute and recovered OK. Appears to be a blow-by; motor mount blew out of the rocket. Will be repaired and fly again.

#3: Applewhite 13mm Scimitar, A10-PT, 1st Flight

Very cool. I printed out and built several of these the night before the launch since I figured the conditions would probably limit a lot of high flights. This one spun up, flipped over, and spun back down. Again, very cool.

#4: Applewhite 13mm Delta Saucer, A10-PT, 1st Flight

Another pretty cool flight. Didn't flip over at apogee but came back down bottom first. Motor mount came out when I pulled out the motor, but should be easily repairable.

#5: Applewhite 13mm Cinco, A10-PT, 1st Flight

Yet another cool flight. This one also recovered bottom down. Got several good comments on these.

#6: PML Small Endeavour, H73J-M, 9th Flight

Finally got a break in weather where a few of us were able to put up higher power shots. This one was almost perfect. Cool black smoke, straight up, recovered barely 50 yards away. Awesome flight! One of the other flyers got a picture of the launch that's a little blurry, but shows the liftoff and black smoke very well (thanks to Robert Davis).

All in all, a pretty decent flying day compared to what I thought we'd get when I mucked through all the muddy roads to get to the field.