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Jan 18, 2004
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I'm in the process of finalizing the drawings for a 1:6.3 scale Rim-2 Terrier missile and I need to know if anybody has any ideas of a launch rail system that I can make scale enough but usable for this project. The Terrier will be approx. 50" long and a dia of 2.61. With the fin configuration, a fin every 22.5 degrees between the three sets of four, there's not much room. Any ideas?
I'm trying to remember - what did the original Terrier launch from? You may be able to get some launch rail ideas from that. I'm currently working on a 2.17 (BT-70) version of the Terrier's great-grandchild, the SM-2 Standard. Granted, that one uses traditional 4-fin configuration, so it's easy to lug/rail. One idea would be to put a set of 3 or 4 lugs all the way along the rocket, and press them against one of the fins to minimize their gaudiness (is that a word?). Of course, if your rocket is 50 inches long, you'll definitely need a 4-foot launch rod that is polished clean to keep the thing from binding anywhere.

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Your Standard uses the launch rail system that the Terrier uses. As a matter of fact it uses the same booster, just upgraded for range. Have you done the drawings yet? I did mine by using Peter Always drawings. My Terrier uses 2.61 dia booster tube and 2.14 sustainer tube. So I have alittle bit of room between the fins and a rail button will work, but it doesn't represent a scale look. Is your Standard a scale bird or sport-scale. My Terrier is 1:6.3 exact scale, or at least in drawing it is right now.I have sandman working on the scale booster/sustainer adapter for me. I'll be working on the body tubes later this month. I just need to figure out the rail system.
It's just sport-scale, and I cheated. I downloaded an old rocksim file from EMRR and am building it to those specs. I've done a pretty close comparison between the rocksim images and a large collection of actual SM-2 photos (I'm in the Navy and have those aplenty), and the scaling looks pretty accurate. Right now it's just got the tube and fins - still working on the nose cone. It'll probably be finished sometime next month.


Cool, I had limited access to information on the Terrier, but I found plenty of info on the Standard. What I could use is some pic of the paint scheme so I can make decals for it. Did you happen to look at PM's Standard missile that they have. I don't think that they make it anymore, but you can gat an idea of its size. How big is your Standard. My Terrier will be powered by a 29mm F50for the booster to a E15 or larger for the sustainer, if I can get away with it. SpaceCad says it will go to 1900+ feet. Just what I was looking for.

Iwas in the Navy up in Whidbey Island, Wash for 21 years as a aircraft mechanic and now I'm a aircraft mechanic working on EA-6B Prowlers as a contractor. Just can't seem to get away.

I should have mine done late spring, but I'll post pics as soon as I have them.