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Jan 18, 2009
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im looking for a launch rail. would like a 8' t-section work, and also what size??
im looking for a launch rail. would like a 8' t-section work, and also what size??

https://8020 Inc./ is the Manufacturer

McMaster-Carr is one source, so is eBay 8020 Inc Garage Sale and there is at the least one other that will ship to your area if they have a store there but I can't remember the name. I think there was a thread over at Rocketry Planet. :confused:

The biggest cost for an 8' rail would be the shipping as anything over 6' IIRC comes by truck.

Depending on the weight of the rockets you are launching I would think the 10-10 (1" X 1")size works best up to 30 lbs. or so. Others will chime in on this.;)
Check Grainger if you have a local branch. They have an 80/20 clone that you don't have to pay shipping for a local pickup of an 8' section. It goes for $25-$30.

6' Section

8' Section

Heh if you look at the description closely, it is an original 80/20 product, not a clone.

The only problem I have with Grainger is that I had to buy stuff using my work's account number. They don't seem to like direct sales to an individual. At least they let me pay and did not invoice my workplace.
Just log on and create Fallingtrea Industries Worldwide - a wholly owned subsidiary of Rocket Flyer Amagamated, or whatever. They really don't check.

Yeah the description says 80/20 however when I picked mine up, it was a different Mfg. No big deal, just a point of info as it worked fine.