Launch pics 6-5-04

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Apr 12, 2004
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First up, my friend's son getting his first taste of rocketry, the rocket on the pad is my pink Wizard, it flew this flight on a A8-3:


Here is my Baby Bertha getting boost on a B6-4:


Right in the middle you can see the Baby Bertha coming down, this is a good view of the field:


The Superbird was the first C flight of the day. It went great until the wind changed as the rocket was coming down. The rocket got stuck in a tree right at the edge of the field. It was low enough that we threw sticks at the rocket until we whacked it out of the tree:


No idea what this flight was, but it is another nice shot of the field from a slightly different angle:


After a bunch of great flights and getting my Superbird out of the tree, putting a C6-5 in a Wizard seems like a really good idea. Then this happens:


Like the Superbird, the Wizard was stuck in a tree right at the edge of the field. Unlike the Superbird, this was REALLY high up in the tree, no chance of recovery :(

And finally, on one of the last flights of the day, I snapped this pic of the Superbird boosting up on a C6-5:


Good thing I got it out of the tree :D
Again, how do you get such great photos?!?

Fast shutter and a lot of luck. I stand back a bit, point the camera to where the rocket should be, and try to time it right. Some of the pics end up like this:


This was the Wizard on a B6-4 flight.

I was thinking about sending the Superbird pic to Quest and maybe they could use it on their website, but their website is still being built :D
Beautiful pictures! I hate looking at pix like that while I'm stuck at work!:mad: