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Jul 25, 2009
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I'm interested in building this rocket with a 3 cluster 18mm motor mount. Yor thoughts?
On 3-18's it is going move real fast. I set mine up with a single 24mm and even flew it on a B6 for a nice low flight. The C11 is a great motor for this model.

"I" think the 3-18 mm cluster will work just fine as long as you pay attention to the CG - CP locations and adjust accordingly. I also think the single 24 is plenty of power.
If you have rocksim, I'd check it out there first.

TLP kits are notoriously CG sensitive. I've built 4 of them, and each and every one emphasizes MMT placement, and nose cone weight placement.
Even having said that, several folks here on TRF have successfully modified TLP kits for 29mm MMT.

Clusters are cool, and fun. I'm not trying to discourage you, just procede with caution, 'cause the CG in most TLP kits do not give you much room to make modifications.