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Jun 30, 2010
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I've just got a little 'gift' from my Dad that he has been promising for a while now. It's a Tripod that was being thrown out at work , and my dad brought it home and I adapted it to take my normal rails heres some pics with my newly finished BigDaddy sitting on it :p

And finaly the 'Button' like fixtures on the Big Daddy.
That looks like a very stable tripod! Any idea what kind of tripod that is or what it is used for? Looks slim and compact.
Yep it's very stable , i got to use it yesterday at our clubs launch , and it worked very well! Im going to have to thing of something so that the rail can point within the standard angles and not straight up.

I thought it was a camera tripod but it's too big for that! But my Dad has just informed me that it was used to hold a large spot light in his work.
firing rockets "Straight up" you will find to be your friend!

Nice pad Karl. Like Jaques said, you will definetly want a blast deflector. It will help to protect those leg joints from oxidation from the motor blast. It will not inhibit it, but it will help...Oh yeah and theres that thing that it will help hole shoot your rocket off the pad too.

Very nice, looks like it breaks down for travel and storage, and is somewhat light weight??