Launch pad for 29mm MD rocket

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Nov 18, 2014
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Denver, CO
OK. Today I bought 10 ft. stick of 3/4 inch PVC. I have heard that people make MD pads with PVC.
If my rocket is 20 inches long & 29mm diameter, how long should the 3 different pipes be???
Run a sim on openrocket and see how long your guidance system has to be.
Not sure what minimum size would be. Are you using a launch lug, rail buttons, or neither (tower)?

Many altitude seekers build a tower to not use a lug / button so they have less drag. They are usually 2 aluminum L's that sandwich each fin - 6 total for 3 fins. I seen them maybe 3-4' long? All the L's attached to a solid point so the fins slide between them. Looks like a really long fin alignment guide.
blackbrandt has the right idea. More g's at launch the shorter the launch support. Cutting your pvc to the proper length and fixing the ends to a base in a pattern to support the body tube will give you a basic tower. 3/4" is a bit big and a little flexy without a hailo on top. Try a fourme search for "tower" and you will get plenty of ideas.
I have an idea for a cheap and good launch tower. PM me and Ill tell you the details.
It's an idea i got from a friend. Take a retangular wood block and put 4 metal rods in it so that they are aligned properly. Then put a metal plate on the bottom to be like a blast deflector.
I have been trying to fined pictures of my first plywood tower but no joy. I recently moved so things are scattered and hard to fined. But I did fined my 1967 edition of the Handbook of Model Rocketry that originated the design. Three plywood uprights with finely finished edges facing the airframe. Mine had c-clamps holding the uprights in place. The clamps made fine adjustment and takedown easy. Low tech but this design works great. I used one for years.