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Feb 24, 2009
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I see alot of launch lugs that are cut at an angle. Is there a reason for this other than for looks? Will the launch lugs being epoxyed to a white paper laminated cardboard tube be suffice?

Beveled launch lugs will have less drag. Epoxy on a cardboard tube is overkill. Scuff the lug and tube with sandpaper and white or yellow glue will be fine.
Thats about it. I use epoxy for the filets for the simple reason that epoxy gives a nicer finish that does white or yellow glue.

Well, whatever floats your boat, but you might want to give this a try--

This is some GOOD stuff-- it's thicker than regular wood glue, makes BEAUTIFUL fillets, doesn't shrink anywhere NEAR as much as regular wood glue, and is nontoxic, no mixing, and doesn't need gloves to work with.

Win/win/win IMHO... :) OL JR :)
I tried the Titebond Molding and Trim Glue but wasn't happy with the results. I agree it does give a thicker fillet than regular white or yellow glue. It just set up too fast for me.
I would get small (half set-up) blobs from the nozzle when applying new fillets. So, be sure the nozzle is clear between applying fillets.
You'll only want to do one fillet at a time, smoothing quickly after applying. This glue seems to start hardening up as soon as it leaves the bottle.
I tend to wipe down and smooth a fillet (maybe) three times. This assures me that there isn't any glue left outside the fillet area.
With this glue, I found I couldn't smooth the fillet more than once without roughing up the setting fillet.
The moulding and trim glue wasn't the ultimate fillet glue for me. But everybody has different methods that work great for them.
sounds like that type of titebond glue would be great for gluing fins and lugs on since even with the double-gluing method I get impatient waiting for a fin to set up enough to move onto the next one. For that reason I've gotten into the habit of running wood glue down the full length of the fin save for the last 1/4" or so...I follow the double glue protocol and then as I am ready to attach the fin put a few drops of CA or super glue gel on the fin in those 1/4" spaces at the top and bottom of the glue edge...helps set the fin in place a bit better in my opinion, YMMV. I think I'll see if any where around here has the molding and trim glue since I would love a quicker setting wood glue. Thanks for the type; man I've missed this place!
Careful with the yellow glue. It shrinks while it cures. I had it pull a thin (cheap) 3/16 LL out-of-round on one rocket..