Launch Lug Selection for a Scratch Built Astron Ranger

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Jan 18, 2009
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Cape Coral Florida USA
I have a scratch built Estes Astron Ranger on the workbench. This model is modified to accept interchangeable motor mount tubes. I am trying to determine what size launch lug to use.

Do I use a 1/8, 3/16 or 1/4-inch diameter launch lug?

Actually, I already have a 2.75-inch long, 1/8-inch diameter lug on there now. I could not wait to fly it, even though it’s painted primer grey for now. It flew great on a C11-3 in a 10-knot breeze.

With the interchangeable motor mounts, I can fly this model on 2x18 mm, 3x18 mm or 1x24 mm motor configuration. It can be flown on anything from pair of A motors, up to a single E motor. This modification is courtesy of Doug Sams of Plano, Texas. You can find plans for his “Better Bertha” here:
isn't it 3/16"?

thats what i would use for most rockets that seem alittle bigger and need the extra stability of the rod
I used 1/8" on my Ranger... thinking that it is essentially a Big Bertha... and I've never had any trouble. But I never planned on flying anything bigger than 3 C's. Perhaps 3/16" would be better for you.
Yes, I'm thinking the 3/16-inch diameter lug sounds about right.
As mentioned above, it flew nicely on the single C11-3 (and a 1/8-inch lug). The 3/16-inch should be better for the E motor.
Thank you.