Launch day: 8/15/20.

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May 23, 2020
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Launched five rockets today, three of them for the first time. I apparently forgot to take a photo of one of them.
No failures today. No motors blew out the back, no engine blocks came loose. Only one parachute failed to open completely, but not damage.
Almost had one catastrophe. The red, white and blue rocket is a BT-60, and a bit heavy. I tried launching it with an Estes C6-5. It was screaming toward the ground, and looked like it was going to be a lawn dart, but just in the nick of time the ejection charge went off and the chute popped open.
It did much better with a Super C and better yet with a Quest C12-6.
The Quest 18mm, C12-6 was the star of the show. I put one in the first rocket I built and it went ridiculously high. Wish I had an altimeter. Strongly recommend this motor. It's a real performer. With a small, light rocket, you can get some serious altitude. I think I'm going to put all my other build ideas on hold and see how much altitude I can get out of this motor.
Red, white, and blue rocket 1.jpg
Red, white, and blue rocket 1.jpg
Yellow rocket 1.jpg