Launch Date: 5 May, 2017

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50% success rate, but still better than being at work. :wink: Very nice.

Like you, our weather hasn't been as nice as I would want for quite a while (very windy), but this past weekend turned out great and I also got to do some rocket launching. I even maidened a 1/2A RG with a beautiful flight! I may need to take your advise of a longer launch rod though. The boost phase seemed to arc over to one side before transitioning into glide mode, stealing some altitude. I'd like to see more of your photos, but for some reason the company server (security) blocks some of the images in your blog posts, while others show up just fine.
If your down near Colorado Springs, are you going to the launch in Peyton tomorrow? I live in Divide and am recently returning to rockets. :)
Hi, Tinker,
Would this be in reference to a COSROCs launch? I live in Castle Rock and likely will not be in the vicinity tomorrow, but I plan to visit one of the club launches sometime this summer. I would like to see one of my old rocket cronies, Warren Layfield, whom I haven't seen since 1983!

Sorry that you can't see all the photos. Security blockers can be weird at times. Hey, post some pics of that R/G !