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Jul 18, 2012
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I am looking for a single pole three position rotary switch, rated at least 10 amps at 12 volts. RS is no go, as are various auto parts stores in the area. A Google search was not real helpful. Would a regular electrical supply house perhaps have this item? Is there an internet supplier I did not happen upon?
If this is too difficult to find I need another way to select between three pads. I guess I could use three toggle switches, but the rotary switch would be more selection positive.
Thanks for the link. Mouser has lots of rotary switches, but many have a minimum purchase of 10, 25 or even 50. I also had a hard time filtering the 489 results. If you saw a specific part, please let me know.
When will you use the switch?

The rating of 10A is for switching 10A of current. If you want to select a pad, then launch, there is virtually no current at the time that you are switching, then when you launch, a short burst of current is sent through the switch. Once the switch is closed it will handle more current than it's switch rating, for example, a rotary switch that is rated 1.5A can sucessfully switch1.5 Amps of current without wearing out the contacts, However, once the switch is selected and not moving, it can handle 5-10Amps easily.

If you are using this switch as a pad selector, the Radio Shack variety should work for you for many years.

i used to work in the electronics industry and to combat high minimum purchase requirements, i would often have to ask them for some Engineering Samples
Mouser, Digi-Key,'s all the same...

that makes it EASY for the salesperson to get you the parts you need, and saves you cash.


good luck!
Go to I am an amateur (ham radio)& they will sell one or two items no problem to you! They take most cards!
Originally posted by rbeckey
Thanks! For a buck how can I go wrong?

That switch will self destruct the first time you try to pass anything close to 12A thru it.

Where did you get 12A? That is a whopping big amount of DC current for a rotary switch. I did find a couple rated at 5A.

This is closer @ 5A

If you want to handle that kind of current,

Something like this is what you will need