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Aug 22, 2015
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I found myself bewildered staring at the toolboxes in Home Depot yesterday. I have been using a cheap plastic toolbox (~20") for my launch supplies since becoming a BAR two years ago. It broke a few weeks ago, so I'm looking for a new box suitable for both LPR and HPR launches. What do you guys recommend?
I believe in simplicity..

For me that is a 'Tupperware' type container, about 14" x 18" x 6" (Wal-Mart storage case) that holds all my casing, chutes, etc.. And in that I have a smaller Plano style multi compartment box for the smaller items: delay drill, altimeter, extra nuts & bolts, small tools, etc.. Motors are in a separate magazine. So, two things to bring with me to the field. I do have a larger box at home for the rarely used launch items.. Oh, and I do have a beat-up 12" x 12" x 2" Tupperware style tube for motor building (things don't roll away!)
I use three stackable, compartmented storage bins from Home Depot for all the small stuff. I have a simple, old-fashioned metal toolbox for e-matches, tools, level, larger stuff. Aything that won't fit in there goes in an oblong cardboard box.
This is what I have been using. About $25 at Wal Mart.


Not big enough for HP, but works great for LPR/MPR club launches. It's pretty empty in the pic. Usually the compartments in the top section are full of LPR motors. Reloads, hardware and single use composites go in the lower section. Plenty of room for a day at the field.
I keep reading this as lunchbox recommendations and for the life of my I don't understand why you wouldn't just get a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lunchbox.
I use a fishing style tackle box. Similar to what others have posted.
For LPR, this is perfect: Flambeau Hip Roof Box

I have a large Plano type box that works great for 29/38 mm casings. Then a third simple tool box I use to bring the day's ration of rocket food.
That's what happens when eight cars pile into your bumper rack.

Kenn knows the story! The accident threw my tools and rocket parts all over I-95. I literally dodged cars while recovering my 54 mm delay drilling tool.

Thanks for all of the advice, guys. I'm torn between the Craftsman 3-drawer chest and the Keter box. I've been looking at variations of those for a couple days.
Couple of years ago - found this at Home Depot around $75 bucks.

BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box