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Jan 18, 2009
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Well, I've tried a different challenge - If anyone remembers the Manta Bomber or Orion from around '84, they'll remember the flat wedge shaped nose cone.

Thanks to John Brohm, I've gotten most of the dimensions of that cone (still need the dimensions for the canopy, but once I get that...) Thought you guys might like to see the result so far. I'm pretty pleased with it. The only thing I can't do is put those gun ports on the sides. Otherwise; here's the first prototype:

I just received three of the Manta cones in the mail today. I copied down the dimensions you still need and should be able to get them to you tonight. Would scans be of any help or do you just need the #'s?
And while I've got you here, I've been working on an Estes Viking to Centuri Vector V conversion using the plan you put in the OldRockets file section. So far it's turning out to be a great project. I'll post a link to the review on EMRR when I finish it. (I'm hoping to fly it this weekend, so that could be very soon.)
Thanks, Bill - John said he'd get me the rest of the dimensions Friday, so I can wait till then.

Glad you liked the Viking/Vector V conversion - Mine looks pretty good so far, but I haven't had a chance to finish the paint yet. I've been looking at your Invader build, and I'm really tempted by that one. You do really good work.

I just finished painting my Vector-V this week. I printed out decals last night. I hope to have pictures up here soon. Do either of you have pictures of the Vector-V you are working on?