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Jan 13, 2004
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Last two flights of the day.
My scratch Executioner on three D12's. (mmmmm, fire!):D

The unpainted one in the background is the Squirrel Works Red Barron. What a cool flight! I forgot I never trimmed it,
:eek: and it flew beautiful!
That's just awesome. BP motors are always great at night!
Cool! Looks like sparky motors! I suppose there was sufficient light to track the Executioner on its descent?

I have a video taken circa 1995 somewhere of my Der V-3 lifting off an a D12. It almost looked like showers of sparks on the way up!
Cool picture! I've always wonderd what is the cause of the sparks?

Could it be peices of propellent being spat out when the motor lights?
I have noticed on my onboard videos with Estes C motors that they sometimes are "sparky". It makes a neat effect though!
Originally posted by Karl
Cool picture! I've always wonderd what is the cause of the sparks?

Could it be peices of propellent being spat out when the motor lights?

My guess is that the sparks are from pieces of the interior wall of the case being spat out because the case is paper, and these motors are end burning, so the interior wall get's quite a spanking. It could also be as a result of the concentrated carbon (essentially charcoal) in the propellant. That's one of the main ingredients of the propellant, and I read somewhere that charcoal is the main fuel in certain fireworks star formulations, and these stars typically produce long lasting, dull orange color and sparks...essentially the same color sparks a BP motor puts out. I'm pretty sure its one of these things or a combination of the two. Either way, it looks great at night!
Yes , I heard that at the 'rocket-day' in school. Charcoal slows down the burntime and keeps the motor burning . Does anyone know what else is in a normal BP motor? Yes it could be stips of the motor casing thats getting spat out whilst still smoldering ? Does anyone know how fast the engine-plugs get spat out too?
This is strictly informational and not for EX purposes. The other ingredients are Potassium Nitrate, Sulfur, and a small amount of another binding/stabilizing ingredient I can't think of. But in order to mix and pack the propellant into the motors, a lot of equipment, including hydraulic presses need to be used for it to be done correctly. That was said in case you were thinking about doing it....don't try it.
No I would never try to build/construct my own motor! I would end up dead , just like anyone else who tried it! And if that wasn't the outcome , in Jail for the best part of my life! Most of the chems in BP motors ingite by friction I think.
When I saw the topic I thought for sure you were posting this pic. :D

Sorry Jim :D ;)

BTW, that is an excellent LDRS photo album. It would even look good as a bonus feature on an LDRS DVD.

Sorry to get off topic.


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