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Nov 9, 2014
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I've been catching up on past episodes of The Rocketry Show podcast and on a recent episode, CG (if I remember right) mentioned the Last Man on the Moon documentary on Netflix, produced in 2014. As you'd expect, it centers around Gene Cernan.

I enjoyed it. It is not a technical documentary, but rather is part biography and part tries to explore the meaning of walking on the Moon in Gene Cernan's life.

It's decently reflective, both in the interviews and in the visual style. The "adventure" and "danger" elements of spaceflight are not the focus. It is much more introspective than most documentaries. In some parts, I wish it could have gone a bit deeper; however, one aspect in which the documentary excels is bringing Gene Cernan's personality to light.

If you've got 90 minutes to spare, it's worth a watch.
I watched it on PBS a while ago. I thought it was really well done.

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I've now watched it three times. First time when he was still with us, second time the day he passed. Again just a couple of weeks ago. Last line by Cernan in the show, always leaves me with a bit of an ache in the chest. What can we not do indeed.

A day is rapidly approaching I fear, when the men who have walked on another world, will no longer be walking this world. I hope someone proves me wrong.
Cernan was a boss. When I used to be a crew trainer at the US Space and Rocket Center, I always tried to get assigned to lead team Cernan. I'd quote him during the kid's graduation send off and the kids/parents always loved it.