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Feb 2, 2003
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My friend and I are going to put a DVD together (not to sell, just for our own enjoyment) of a bunch of BIG rocket projects. I already have the Gates Brothers videos as well as my onboard videos, but we need to comeup with 3.5 GB of more stuff. Anybody have links of their own rockets or anybody else's? I am looking for any High Power videos (preferably large stuff, M and above) but anything will work. If you have any cool low or mid power stuff, that would be great too! Also does anybody know where you can find info on the OuR Project R motor flight? Videos pics or info on it? Thanks!
Erm... let me see...

The Aurora project has a couple of good videos on their site:

The Aurora Project

Wedge Oldham's Nike Project has 3 awesome videos of his equally awesome rocket!

The Nike Project

The Virginia HPR Association website used to host some cool vids, but their website is under reconstruction :(

Virginia HPR Assoc.

And dont forget to put a vid of Carl's Tres on there!


Tripoli Maryland's Liberty project should be on there. It flew last month and was billed as the biggest amateur rocket flown east of the Mississippi.

Also try the Vatsaas brothers' site, They have some good video (we should get them to hang out at TRF, come to think of it).

AeroPac has some good stuff too, but I can't remember their website. A few years ago they built a 1/10 scale N1...that would be a "must have" if there's video of it!
Do you have a link of Carl's Tres and the Liberty Project? Thanks. Also do any of you have links or pics or videos of the OuR R Project? That was one cool rocket and I heard they got the onboard video from 92,000 feet!!! I can get the video but I don't want to pay $20 for the DVD with that and other stuff onh it. I'm cheap. :)
The OuR project is documented in Point 39 Productions (Earl Cagle) BALLS 006 video, still available from Earl.

Lots of rocket pictures and videos here:
Open the albums, the caption usually includes the rocket's owner and motor size. Most of 2003 and 2004 are items I posted.
Oh yeah that V2 vid is great! :cool:

Erm I beleive one of the Mods has a vid uploaded to TRF, if you search through the thread on the TRF Meet you'll be able find a link.

Argh I should know more... I spend alot of time downloading cool rocket videos :rolleyes: