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Jan 17, 2009
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Had a great time in Groveland, MA the other day helping 6 new rocketeers discover the fun of building and flying model rockets :)

We had 1 girl and 5 boys participate. It was a small program but, with the excitement generated this day we hope to grow it quite a bit for the next time :)

You can check out the photo album by clicking this link.

Last week we had a session scheduled with the St. John the Evangelist church but we had to scrub the launch as it was raining too much :( So, instead I spent 30 minutes each, with 5 classes, explaining model rocketry and showing off examples of some fun models. The kids were ages from pre-school to 5th grade and they all seemed to have a ball :)

Good stuff. Give it a try!
UGH! Today's launch got canceled too....

I was scheduled to launch Triskelion kits with a group of kids with the Peabody (MA) parks and rec department, but it was a downpour! So, we spent about an hour going over some of the science of rockets while also some show-n-tell from my full box of demo models :)

All in all the kids had a great time even though we didn't get to fly their rockets... They will get another chance in two weeks, but I will be at NARAM/NERRF and will miss that launch.

Now I have to get ready for tomorrow's club launch then the last minute push to get ready for NARAM and NERRF... man, it's going to be a busy week! LOL
At least you have the benefit of a really BIG show-n-tell box. :)

Here's hoping for some rain free days ahead!
Oh, the very next day was bone dry, dead calm and we had a club launch scheduled :D

I flew a LOT that day!