Lander Challenge - New landings


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Dec 18, 2003
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Jon Skuba of Boulder Aeronautics & Space Administration submitted thier entry, received right at our deadline.

Their project Eudora was very fasinating to watch, and I love the many pictures they sent.

Kudos again to the BASA team.

We will be posting the winners of the first two places on July 12th.

Four other groups submitted information and their entries but either did not make the flights by the deadline yet, or had failures in meeting the goal. So far we have entries from:

Mars Team
Starsys Research
The Planeteers
Walker Team Rocketry

With third and fourth place still open, the judges agreed after
inebriation that extending 3rd & 4th place until the last day of
July would be the best resolution.

So if you need to redo your flight, or even get your first flight
off the ground yet, you have almost 20 extra days to try for places
in the challenge.

Good Luck and God Speed.

Art Upton